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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is paying for this Cart?
The Town has financed these carts along with a grant from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.  Funds were derived from cost savings over the course of the new contract for collection with Waste Management for every-other-week recycling collection. 

I did not receive a cart?
All residences in the Town should receive a cart.  If one was not dropped off at your property, please contact the Town at 439-9522

I requested a smaller/larger size than the cart I was delivered?
Please contact the Town at 439-9522 and provide your parcel address.  We will review our records and respond as quickly as possible. 

What if all my recycling does not fit in the cart?  Can I get a second cart?
The Town is requesting that each user try out the cart they have for the next three months.  If, after that time, you determine you still need an additional cart we recommend you call Town Hall at 439-9522 to get on a list. (Please note that limited quantities of carts are available.  Also, on occasion you may place large items [cardboard in 3” x 3” stacks or ridged plastics] outside your cart for collection). 

I don’t want this cart/I don’t have space/My driveway is too long?
As a cost saving measure the Town has transitioned from traditional curbside 18-gallon boxes to wheeled recycling carts.  Residents are requested to use the carts when full and place out on their designated collection day or when the cart is full.  Per NYS mandate the Town of Lockport is required to provide source-separated recycling to residents.  Residents who wish to recycle must use the wheeled carts provided.  (for Hardships, see response below)  

Is there any accommodations being made for the elderly and disabled?
Yes. The Town will review each case specifically to determine if a hardship exists and will respond with options.  Please contact 439-9520 for more information.

I live in a two family dwelling, why is there only one cart?
Properties paying a single-family home user fee were issued one cart large recycling cart to share.  After a three month trial period, please contact 439-9522 if a second cart is desired/needed.

What happens if my cart is lost or stolen?  Do I pay for the replacement?
If your carts and lost/stolen or damaged, please contact the Town to report your incident. (Note: after days of extreme wind there is a likelihood your cart may have blown over.  Check with neighbors prior to calling).  The Town will work to the drop off a replacement. Each Cart is equipped with a Code to allow the Town to identify the address of a recovered cart. If your cart is found, you will be notified. As far as replacement, if a pattern of abuse is identified (such as multiple replacements in a short period of time) the Town may charge a fee for replacing each cart.

When do I place the cart out?
Please review the literature provided to you inside your cart.  To use, identify your trash/recycling collection day for the color (green or yellow) week to place your recycling out.  Then, use the calendar provided to insure you don’t miss your day!  Please remember that the cart hinges face should face your house.

What do I place inside my recycling cart?
All of the same items you previously put out for recycling are accepted.  The lid to your recycling cart provides a review and image of materials accepted as a guide.

Can I use the cart for my trash?
No, absolutely not.  If your cart is deemed “contaminated” by the hauler, they will not collect the contents of the cart.

My cart arrived broken/damaged?
Sometimes during shipment damages occur.  If your cart is defective, please call439-9522 to report the incident.  If your cart lid is warped, allow the cart to sit in direct sun for a few hours to return to form. 

If I move, do I take the cart with me?
No. Do not take the cart with you when moving. The carts are the property of the Town. Each cart is stamped with a serial number and equipped with a unique code to identify each cart delivered to each property.

It will take me forever to fill this cart.
You are not required to place your cart out each collection day.  If it takes you one month to fill the cart, you are welcome to place it out only when full (on your designated collection week).

Why does my neighbor have a smaller/larger cart?
The Town issued a survey in summer 2016 requesting residents respond to the size of cart they desire.  Those that did not respond defaulted to a 96-gallon cart while others were able to request a smaller size.

Can I mark my cart with my address?
Each cart has a serial number intended to keep track of the containers. You are encouraged to write down your serial number and store in a safe place. If you wish to mark the carts, mark the inside of the lid.

How do I place my cart out in the snow?
We encourage you to clear a spot to place your cart when snow is on the ground. If you would like to place your cart in your driveway, you are welcome to, however expect you cart in the same location after it is emptied. Also, you may skip a week of refuse and recycling collection if you prefer.  Please remember that the cart hinges face should face your house.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the carts?
Residents will be responsible for the routine maintenance such as keeping the carts clean, removing from the streetline and storing the carts in a safe place. If your cart is damaged, please contact the Town at 439-9522 to make a claim.

Do I have to put my recycling in a bag before putting into the cart?
No, plastic bags are discouraged from recycling collection.  It is recommended that you periodically rinse your cart to avoid a foul odor or attracting vermin.

Can I place electronics in the cart?
No.  The collection of electronics in the curbside recycling program is prohibited.   

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